Poised with style, color and that certain “It” factor, Fhonia Ellis is a new Pop Culture Fashion Designer, taking the Universe by storm. With a creative style sewn from a different cloth, Fhonia is living out her dreams, one seam at a time. The 27 year old designer from Louisville, Kentucky, went from transforming “Mom Jeans”, at age 15, in to living art, to now, with her designs gracing the covers of magazines, blogs, Prime Time Television shows, and high profile celebrities.



This style Maven really found her niche in high school, being that go to person for fashion. So much so, she was known by her peers as “The Designer”. With big dreams of seeing her name in lights, and having one of the most sought after clothing lines, she decided to attend the American InterContinental University. The dreams would be short lived, when the funds did not allow such an education. But she never gave up. She took matters into her own hands and honed in on her God-given craft, creating a career worth mentioning completely self-taught.


From humble beginnings to living life in the fast lane, Fhonia Ellis is following her Yellow Brick Road toward her Oz of Fashion. This is not a name that will not be easily forgotten. With fashions so daring, and a spirit so loving, she has created a style all her own. Ms. Ellis is currently wreaking fashion havoc and style on New York City.





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