In today’s society, there is a deficit of hope. Our mission is to encourage others to “have only positive expectations,” despite life’s challenges, by realizing the power of the mind. Rather than seeing themselves where they are, they see themselves where they want to be. We emphasize the importance of spirituality, self-control, and the keys to success.


“Transformed People Changing Lives”

The Hope or Die campaign was inspired by Founder, Fhonia Ellis’ personal testimony; her battle with self-doubt, suicide, death, self-inflection, mental struggles and the internal conflict of accepting her God given purpose. She was determined to not die in a place of transition, but to push through with hope and overcome the strongholds in her mind. She knew that her inner voice would soon ARISE and take a stand.

Through these battles and her mother’s faith, she realized that it was not only time to help herself, but time to reach down and help other individuals overcome the same battles she once faced. “The goal is to save a life”, Fhonia says,” If I can prevent someone from making the same mistakes I made, teaching them the things I didn’t do or know, then that’s the goal.” Everyone has a story. It’s not about the trial, it’s about how you handle the trail. Upon realizing “I can do this, and I will get through it”. Shift your perspective on your circumstance, the world then surrenders to you and you become unstoppable.

“One thing my mother showed me was never give up, and to be strong. She was a fighter. Up till her breathe she fought for her life and her family; that is the true definition of HOPE for me. I owe it to my mom to save lives, and this is a promise I’m destined to keep. The words she left me with were, ““Believe in me and believe in God”, and that’s what I hold on to.

What We Do

Hope or Die is a “seed planting” movement. Our goal is to plant the seed you, here you once lost hope we help you to change your perspective. . We build in the individual and help them to develop a sense of purpose through the (twelve keys to success).

Hope or Die is a movement for all. Especially, for those that have lost their way, the individuals that feel all hope is gone, the outcast that doesn’t fit in troubled teens and adults. When you cannot see yourself fulfilling your purpose, understand that there will be a foundation of people in place to see it for you until you can.


Give Back – “Finish the FIGHT”

A percentage of the proceeds go towards helping the sick. We have teamed up with a number of doctor offices and non-profits working with cancer patients. Hope or Die will help these patients with monthly expenses for medications, beauty and self-esteem classes, outings and workshops.


Book Hope or Die for your next conference, workshop, school, seminar at: info@hopeordiemovement.com

Please email us at hopeordie@fhoniaellis.com


We are always looking for sponsors and donations to help us inspire. Please email hopeordie@fhoniaellis.com



Hope or Die


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Thank you for your support!

August 1st, 2013

HOPEorDIE has so much in-store for the world. We’re nothing without the support of the people and all that have bought shirts, spoke highly of the foundation to those who believed in the vision before it was manifested. We are extremely excited about the future. Its going down! Please keep supporting us and Having Only Positive Expectations for ur life. We love you.


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