How to Wear: Neon

While I do not see neon lasting very long in the fashion world, I do so love that these fun colors are trending for Spring 2013. Then again, I am a fan of the eighties.

First of all, you should go all in with neons. If you are going to rock bright, fluorescent colors, you know what they say… go BIG or go HOME!

Keep everything else simple, so that your neon color of choice makes THE ultimate fashion statement without clashing with another part of your ensemble.


Feeling extra daring? Mix and match neon colors, like bright pink and green.



If you really want your clothing to make a statement about you without you saying a word, wear an ultra-bright clothing piece like the pictures shown. Featured images below have helped inspire Fhonia to develop her own fashion creations.

Neons3 Neons4 Neons5

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